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Arched Side Canopy Iron Crib by Corsican

Arched Side Canopy Iron Crib

by Corsican

$5.00 - $3,072.00

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This iron crib has a vintage design with modern functionality.

Beautifully handforged by talent craftsmen to meet all current safety standards. Crib features several different mattress levels (7.25", 8", 9", 12.25", 13.25", 15.5") and stationary sides.

80" Canopy Ring Height

73" Finial Height, 71" Post Height

53" Headboard / Footboard Height

40" Side-Rail Height

Spring Unit Height;

Measured from the floor to the top of the crib spring unit (where the mattress sits)

Highest setting is 20 1/4"

Lowest setting is 12 3/4”

Shown in finish #202 Ivory White Matte & Q1 Rustic Bronze

Shown with finial CF016 Small Ball

Width 30", Length 54"

Other finishes available.

Each item is custom made to order so please allow approximately 10-12 weeks before shipping.


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