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Biscuit Pink Rug by Lorena Canals

Biscuit Pink Rug

by Lorena Canals


Biscuit Pink Rug

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This is the sweetest of our rugs; like a shortbread cookie without any of the guilt! With its scalloped edges and contrasting dots, you'll fall in love with the casual comfort of this design. It's versatile enough for any room of the house.

*Size: 4' x 5' 3"

Machine-washable: it can be easily washed at home in a conventional washing machine

Handmade: handmade, created with care and produced individually by our artisans

Eco-friendly: Non-toxic dyes, 100% natural cotton

Each rug is unique and different. We take care of every detail. This is a handmade product. Due to that, there may be minor variations in shape and color.A product that meets all the safety and quality standards for kids. Made in India.

Please allow approx 10 days for shipping.