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Little Chapel  Playhouse by Cottage Playhouses

Little Chapel Playhouse

by Cottage Playhouses

$5,086.00 - $6,618.00

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This Chapel Playhouse is perfect for family gatherings, personal devotionals, and special events such as weddings and baptisms. It's also a peaceful retreat where you can read, reflect, and pray on a daily basis. Panelized Kit means pre-cut and ready to be constructed. Fully illustrated instructions. LP Smartside Siding is primed and ready for paint. Floor Kit is included. The customer provides shingles, drip-edge, and paint. Made in the USA with Amish craftsmanship.Available in sizes

8'x8', 8'x10', 8'x12', 10'x16'

Approx 12'10" high to top pf steeple

Standard Chapel Playhouse Includes the Following:

-2*3 wood wall framing

-2*4 wood trusses 2' on center

-High quality siding and trim prefastened onto wall panels(insures panels are square)

-Panelized walls sections (not just precut) saves time in assembly

-Straight trim prefastened to panels

-All other parts are precut and ready to assemble

-6 windows on 8*8, 8 windows on 8*10 & 8*12

(With our patent pending window design)

-Child's dutch door (20"wide 40"high)

-Adult dutch door on the back side (34"wide*61"high)

-Hardware needed to assemble (screws, latches, handles, nails)

-Outside corner trim (white aluminum)

-Primed siding and trim

-Link to excellent downloadable online manual with color pictures

Little Cottage Chapel Options:

-Faux stained glass

Custom Made to Order in the USA.

*Option of a Prebuilt Playhouse: The Prebuilt Playhouses come fully assembled and painted. There is an additional fee and shipping costs will be very high and costs will need to be quoted for each order.

Normally ships within 4-6 weeks.

**Please contact a Bibi's sales representative for shipping rates. Your shipping rate will depend on the options you choose and your shipping address. The shipping fee is not included in the price and is not reflected in the shopping cart.

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Little Chapel Playhouse- 8'x8'

Includes Floor Kit

Your Price: $5,086.00

Little Chapel Playhouse- 8'x10'

Includes Floor Kit

Your Price: $5,644.00

Little Chapel Playhouse- 8'x12'

Includes Floor Kit

Your Price: $6,618.00