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Jack Sofa Vignette by Tuft Love Furniture

Jack Sofa Vignette

by Tuft Love Furniture


Jack Sofa Set

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The Jack Sofa is a perfect statement piece in any room; pairing perfectly with the James Armchair and coffee table, or by itself.

Designed with room for 3 children to comfortably sit, a detailed tufted back and smooth seat, inset with piping where the upholstery meets beautifully curved wood finish.

Curved legs, bottom and backing, with intricately carved detailing makes this sofa truly one of a kind.

Hand Made in the USA using solid hard woods, Advanced VOC -Free, Bio-Based, Recycled Content, Crystalline Silica Free, Glycol Ether Free, lead free and Virtually Odorless paint.

Care: Towel-wipe with mild soap and warm water on finish and upholstery.


Sofa: 39"w x 21"d x 23"h

Chair: 21"wx18"dx22"h

Table: 30"wx15"dx12"h

Ships in approx 4 weeks