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Serenity Star Comfort-U Maternity Pillow with Case by Moonlight Slumber

Serenity Star Comfort-U Maternity Pillow with Case

by Moonlight Slumber


Serenity Butterfly Maternity Pillow with Case

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Designed in three parts, the Moonlight Slumber Serenity Star Comfort-U Maternity Pillow supports your little dreamer from prenatal to preschool. All together, it is a great pregnancy pillow and side sleep aide for expectant mothers. This helps them attain the side sleep position recommended by gynecologists for baby's health, and as a pregnancy pillow it keeps mom comfortable and cool to help her sleep. Separately, this nursing pillow and two bolsters will grow with your child, making this maternity pillow a purchase that your family will use and enjoy well into the future. This is one item that new moms should not have to live without.To learn more about the Comfort-U Maternity pillow, contact Moonlight Slumber.

Features & Benefits

The Comfort-U maternity pillow helps Mom sleep more comfortably through the night during pregnancy by regulating body temperature and assisting with general discomfort.

The Comfort-U pillow helps mothers attain the side sleeping position recommended by gynecologists which enhances circulation, reduces swollen feet and legs and alleviates back pain.

The modular design of the Comfort-U extends pillow life and use. Simply unzip the "U" shaped pillowcase and the Comfort-U disassembles into three pieces: a curved pillow and two bolsters.

All three pieces fit into a standard washer and dryer, are completely launderable, and guaranteed never to clump.

The curved pillow assists with proper positioning for feeding and can be used for elevated tummy time and supporting Baby.

The curved pillow can also be used for lumbar support when nursing an older baby.

Bolsters are ideal for youth pillows. Each one spans the width of a twin-sized bed. Two pillows together span the width of a king-sized bed.

Premium synthetic down. The Comfort-U has a hypoallergenic, odorless, hygienically clean fill which offers relief from dust mites; the fill is also guaranteed for life never to clump even after repeated washings.

Makes a thoughtful Shower gift for expectant mothers.

Made in the USA.


53" x 35" x 6"